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 Demsky + Mineo Kawasaki + TBA
 Demsky + Mineo Kawasaki + TBA

Demsky + Mineo Kawasaki + TBA

Demsky is an ambient trip hop beatmaker from Toronto living in Tokyo

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Heure et lieu

22 oct. 2022, 22 h 00

Montréal, 5043 R. Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2L8, Canada

À propos de l'événement

Demsky has quickly gained momentum as an ambient, downtempo beatmaker from his immersive sets throughout Japan, and Europe. Now residing in Tokyo, Toronto-born Demsky takes a lot of his inspiration from the chill instrumental, beat-making, noise music scenes that he’s heavily involved in. He's currently on his Save Your Soul tour promoting his latest release Tell Me About The World, which has hit various cities throughout Poland, Czechia and Japan. Since his inception in 2019, he has graced the stage at such festivals as Asagiri Jam (Japan), Zizkovska Noc (Czechia), Tone River Jam (Japan), Come Together Music Festival (Canada), plus countless tours throughout Europe, Japan and Canada. His music has been featured in various programs such as the Docuseries Descending, and works with numerous YouTubers including Ramen Adventures. Mixed: Toronto Sound Mastered: Hear Candy Mastering Cover Art: Azusa Sekiguchi Label: Tanukineiri Records Website Mineo Kawasaki is an electronic drummer from the islands of Japan

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